Systemization Supports Diversification and Growth

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Systemization Supports Diversification and Growth

A successful business can be defined in so many ways, and one of the most important is their true “customer loyalty”. Previously, companies abided by a simple code: Do one thing and do it right.

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Financial Management

Setting a price for a product is one of the most important decisions a company can make. When formulating a pricing model, there are many considerations to make. Cost of goods sold, customer value, inventory

Collaboration Drives Change and Your Business

Communication is such a huge part of the world today – especially the business world. Mobile technologies are empowering a new workforce that thrives on the sharing of data. Even warehouse workers are depending on

Financial Management:Practicing Capital Preservation Strategies

At the end of the day, the success and health of a business is measured in one way: capital. In this series of blogs, we are exploring ways that distributors can gain healthy financial management

The Value in Value Mapping

It’s pretty hard to make judgment calls when you are limited by inaccurate, dated information. Whether you are a doctor trying to diagnose a patient or a CEO deciding where to improve his business operations,

3 Disruptive Tactics You Need to Master

The word “disruption” as we once knew it has gone through a metamorphosis. Historically, the term referred to an ugly correlation of displacement. But as McKinsey & Company recently explained, disruptive technologies can be viewed

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Acumen Group is honored by Infor Global Solutions as the Western Region Partner of the Year

Acumen Group, a professional services firm, was honored as the Western Region Partner of the Year at the Infor Americas Partner Summit Awards Ceremony held July 23rd in San Diego, CA “The Acumen Group has

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Local Chinaware Distributor Selects Acumen Group/Infor

After considering upgrading their Sage product or moving to an Infor Distribution solution, Sky One Inc., selects a partnership with Acumen Group and Infor10 to move their organization to the next level. Sky One (Vertex

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Cutting Tool and Industrial Supply Distributor selects Infor10 to run their distribution operation

This cutting tool and industrial supply distributor based in Chicago, IL, will be implementing Infor10 (SX.e) along with F9 and an automated Integrated Supply module interfaced to their Vending Machines.