Client Results

ROI experienced by our satisfied customers


An ability to grow our company 30% to 50% without having to add additional warehouse related headcount.

Reduced Inventory

A reduction in inventory cost by 2% to 7% (Cost of goods sold has been reduced by 2.5% for savings of $660,000 per year)

Back Orders

A 15% to 35% reduction in back orders being created within the system


Increase margins by 4% to 8% ("Full use of the pricing tables feature, has returned our company $1,000,000 per year from increased margins")

  • We once used a well known Infor competitor for financial reporting, but it lacked the flexibility we desired because it required extensive programming and data maintenance. The Infor Financial Reporting tool (F9) allows easy, repeatable financial reports to be generated on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis with the input of very few data elements. We also can generate ad-hoc reports to quickly drill down into account level balances to identify areas that need attention. With budget, forecast, and actual data F9 is a one-stop-shop for our financial reporting and analysis needs.

    — Wade Brewer - Controller Hisco

Hot Orders

A 75% tp 95% reduction in "emergency" orders (orders entered into the system to handle corrections of mis-shipments etc. Does not include customer "experiences".


Reduction in cost provided
by the time saved with our new buyer's control center. We now have interactive access to all information and can consolidate buyers and po's to maximize our EOQ across all branches"

Inventory Management

A 40% to 80% reduction in the amount of inventory being written off and a 1% to a 3% reduction in the amount of on-hand inventory.

Storage Costs

A reduction of between 5% and 15% in the amount of space used to store the on hand inventory.

  • “In the early 90s, we faced a difficult economic situation, but we still invested and implemented the system. At that time our staff was already busy. Now we are doing 4 x the volume with a minimal increase in user count.”

    — Bruce Himes Western Water Works