Collaboration Drives Change and Your Business

Communication is such a huge part of the world today – especially the business world. Mobile technologies are empowering a new workforce that thrives on the sharing of data. Even warehouse workers are depending on the latest reports to improve their decision-making abilities at the most basic levels.

The term Big Data isn’t big enough in the world of manufacturing and distribution, and the robust systems that are needed to automatically process this data speak for themselves. But if that timely, accurate data isn’t put in the hands of individuals who can make a difference, then it will not be fulfilling its complete potential.

Companies today need more than giant processors and robust storage systems; they need platforms to share the latest insights. These platforms have the ability to share information between departments that were previously isolated. This enables departments to help one another and collaborate.

For companies that are looking to optimize their workforces by weaving mobile technology into their operations, consider MBX’s experience. MBX – a large-volume assembly plant – decided to test out the power of mobile by trashing their clipboards and deploying ten iPads into their warehouse operations. On average, users picked 14% more orders per month and reduced picking defects by around 20%.[1]

GE has also jumped on the bandwagon by implementing iPads and tablet technologies in their 200,000 square foot factory in Schenectady, New York. So far, the iPads have been shown to quickly solve problems, like machine breakdowns. They have also been shown to help detect staffing imbalances faster.[2]

Although iPads and tablets are nothing new to white-collar business workers, their introduction into the blue-collar workforce is predicted to have a definite impact. According to a report by Deloitte, manufacturers are going to have to stay on top of the tablet evolution, and research user needs to design web-based device applications that utilize the power of cloud technologies.[3]

Overall, there are many perks to harnessing technology to increase collaboration and productivity within your business processes, but did you know there are also technologies that can help you build stronger ties with your customers, as well? Acumen works with vendors to develop tools that help our clients streamline processes for their customers. With easier user experiences and better ways to connect, everyone can reap the rewards of collaborative business models.

Is your business ready to step into the future of mobile technology and boost the collaboration across your organization?

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