Architecture driven by your business needs

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Choosing the right environment for your hardware/network/application and user needs is step one. Let us help you sort through the myriad of options to confirm which ones make the most sense based on variables related to your budget, internal and external usage requirements , growth factors, internal resource expertise and availability, etc.


Out of the office? No worries. Anytime, anywhere, you have access to what you need. Executive management access, field service tools, tradeshow order management, proof of delivery, etc.

RF - Radio Frequencey

Multiple warehouse automation solutions are available to you. From basic bar-code scanning/ counting/printing of bar-code labels, to fully directed put-away, where the software manages your warehouse processes. You can even move to voice activation! Your organization will gain efficiency, reduce errors, while automating all fulfillment processes.

Servers & Workstations

Our solutions can be deployed in any "open" environment. Customers can choose between on-premise, hosted, or cloud environments. Today's technology allows you to use your existing equipment until it dies.

Network Services

Our team of IT professionals can provide you with an "a-la-carte" or "all-inclusive" support and assistance plan. We understand that customers have certain internal expertise, and augmenting your team with Acumen resources, will help you to have the most efficient, cost-effective IT partnership.