Infor Distribution Suite

Driving the user experience

Industry Solutions for Importers, Wholesalers, Distributors

Our full suite of best-of-breed solutions will help you automate, streamline, and modernize your operations.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

A single solution that is more efficient and lowers your total cost of ownership. Infor Distribution offers: Warehouse Management, Order Entry, Inventory Control, Financial Management, Quality Management, Service Management and more!

Specialized by Industry

We deliver industry-based configurations for target verticals, particularly Fashion & Accessories, Toys & Hobbies, Electrical, BMAT, P/HVAC, JanSan/Paper, Medical, Hybrid Distribution and Manufacturing, as well as Automotive. These industry suites enable more robust functionality out-of-the-box.

High Value Extensions

Our core solutions are expandable to include Financial Report Writers such as F9, Business Specific Knowledge Base (internal procedures), Inforce (SalesForce CRM), Expense Management and Advanced Warehouse Management Solutions.

Specialized by Industry

Infor 10x is the latest release of Infor's proven business applications, delivering innovative new capabilities in the areas of social business, mobility, analytics, and integration, as well as major enhancements across all of Infor's product lines.

Think flexible and collaborative. Think beautiful, scalable, integrated, and mobile. Then start imagining all the things you'll be able to accomplish.

Finding an edge for your business is far from easy. Progress is often of the one-small-step variety, rather than the giant leap that companies need to put some distance between themselves and the competition. It sometimes makes you wonder – is settling for less becoming the new normal? Not at Infor. With Infor 10x, the latest release of Infor's proven business applications, you can forget just getting by and start getting ahead.

Infor 10x delivers major advancements across all of Infor's core product lines, allowing companies to maximize investments in existing technologies and leverage innovative new solutions without complex integrations and endless implementations. You also get access to innovative, forward-thinking solutions capable of transforming the way you work. You'll be able to:

Solve old problems in new ways, with social collaboration technologies embedded in core business systems.

Take your technology for granted, with systems that are beautiful, familiar, and easy to use.

Make sure out of office doesn't mean out of touch, by putting information at employees' fingertips.

Have systems without borders, with technology that turns siloed systems into synchronized ones.

Get software that talks back, with exceptions and alerts delivered automatically, plus the ability to drill down into issues and take steps necessary to resolve problems anytime, from anywhere.

Change the way you work with Infor 10x.

10x Highlights

Contextual Web Parts

Flexibility to add any desired enhancements without impacting core code.

Modern User Experience

Dramatically modernized user experience that will change the way your people work.

Enterprise Search

Consumer-grade searching to immediately access all information requested…greatly improving service levels

Infor Ming.le and Context BI

Manage user workflows within the application and across your enterprise

Micro-Vertical Suites

Industry-specific functionality to deploy more quickly, at a lower TCO, while preserving upgrade path.

Take the Infor product suite to a new level with enhanced solution extensions.

Increase Marketshare

Best practices in today's marketplace provide systems that reduce the time and energy spent on Sales & Logistics Management, and redirect those cycles toward Growing your Business. Your entire supply chain can be automated from the design of a new product, expansion into new product lines to Fulfillment! Learn more about our solutions specific to market order management.

Increase Sales

Speed to market, data visibility, reduction in overhead, management of pricing models, and improved fulfillment improves customer satisfaction and profitability.

Communicate Transparently

Determine who has access to what...All users with access, can view communication relevant to their segment of the business.

New Products and Reconciliation

Constantly adding new products, samples sent to potential customers or displayed at market, promises to order, determining what to buy, reconciling your results. What if it was all in one database?

Apply Business Analytics

The days of seeing customers as broad demographic "segments" are long gone. Analytics can help your enterprise identify and deliver exactly what an individual customer needs, in the right place and at the right time, uncovering significant trends such as identifying the factors that foretell a customer’s departure. Customer report that this alone has improved their customer retention by 26 percent—translating to an annual net benefit, A robust and easy-to-use set of analytics will help your organization stay competitive.

Insure Data Accuracy

Field sales and buyer data, flows seamlessly through approval processes, production, and fulfillment.

Fast, flexible, secured analysis

Easily analyze new products or product lines, sales timeframes, sales-reps or channels, territories, departments, customers, ship-to's, margins, defections, actual profits, vendors, etc.

Eliminate Redundancy

One point of data entry, and your products are sold, created, produced, shipped and accounting is fully reconciled.

Integrate Your Supply Chain

All of our products and services provide extremely reliable and affordable methods of connecting to trading partners, transforming data, and integrating into existing business processes. We offer intuitive and powerful EDI software solutions and services; secure and simplified exchange of business documents; affordable solutions that improve your operational efficiency.

Eliminate Errors

What if your ERP system automated the building of your new items, including authenticating and validating all process throughout the entire supply-chain?

Electronic Vendor/Customer Connectivity

Technology is radically changing how organizations connect with customers and vendors. Whether it be through a portal, web application, form, EDI, or direct - our loosely coupled mapping provides complete flexibility, reduces errors, and is simply the highest ROI.

Accurate Fulfillment

Would increasing your fulfillment accuracy improve your customer satisfaction? Reduce overhead? Eliminate wasted time?