Why Acumen

Because we treat your business as if it were our own

Who We Aren't

Things are never "business as usual" at Acumen and we don't make promises we can't keep. Corporate drones are not allowed so if you find slick talkers & fancy suits comforting, keep looking because you won't find that here.

What you will find is unwavering integrity and a culture of curiosity that drives us to be the ultimate problem solvers. We are creative, innovative and bold. We provide our clients the security of "been there, done that" without that confidence ever spilling over into arrogance.

What We Do

Deliver solutions that are CRAZY GOOD. When it comes to working with an ERP Distribution partner, you need a team that truly understands your business. And we do because our company was founded by former Distribution owners!

Why We're Different

Although we specialize in technology, our real business is understanding the nuances of the Distribution Industry & related sectors. We understand how the overall business culture, internal politics and your end users threshold for change can all impact the success of a project.

We’re different because when planning & running a project we move beyond our experience & expertise to incorporate the unique human factor of your business in order to deliver a vastly superior solution.

When it comes to client partnerships, we are going for the “wow” factor – every time.